Townhouses or Condos?

Published Wed, Oct 5th, 2011

Condominiums (Condos) and townhouses are both forms of strata ownership. A strata is a property which has been legally divided into separate strata "lots" and which share common properties. In a condo for example, the common property may be the hallways and the grounds. Condos in Victoria are often of wood frame construction. These are usually no more than 4 stories
tall. There are also some taller buildings, with up to 20 or more stories, constructed of steel and concrete. Most condos have a common entrance, an elevator, and a parking area (often underground). Because of the physical layout of most condo buildings, it can be difficult have a sense of community unless an active approach is taken. Strata fees for condo units in Victoria tend to range from $150-$325 per month.

Townhouse units tend to be built in rows, and can attached, detached, or semi-detached. The units are often one, two, or three stories high, and will not have units on top of or below them. Unlike condos, parking is usually attached to or very close-by to the unit. They tend to have more outdoor space than a condo, and there is more likely to be a sense of community and knowing your neighbours. Because the units tend to be larger and there are often more grounds to care for, townhouses will likely cost a bit more to maintain than a condo. Expect to see monthly strata fees
ranging from $225-$500.

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