Townhouses in Victoria BC - A Brief Guide

Published Wed, Oct 5th, 2011

Depending on your lifestyle, tastes, and budget, Greater Victoria has many great areas to purchase a townhouse. Before we begin should download a map of the municipalities of Greater Victoria.

Because of the geography of Victoria, we tend to be laid out in a large "V". At the point of the V, is Victoria itself. Downtown, you'll find mainly row townhouse complexes with limited common property but easy access to the sights and sounds of Victoria's active cultural and community scene.

If you follow the left arm of the "V", you'll head out past Vic West, Esquimalt, and View Royal to the Westshore (Colwood and Langford) and Sooke beyond that. Currently, there are many new
construction options in the Westshore and Sooke. The right arm of the "V" will take you through Saanich to the Saanich Peninsula and Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney. Sidney is a very pedestrian friendly township near the ocean. Because there is a lot of agricultural land on the
Peninsula, building options are more limited than in the Westshore. 

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